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As an organization the City of St. George has a lot to be proud of and look forward to. We encourage new ideas and solve challenges in ways that create value for our citizens.


The heartbeat of the City of St. George can be found in its committed employees. Men and women engaged in a cause far larger than any single individual. We honor those who tirelessly strive to serve, teach, protect and enhance our community. We approach opportunities and challenges as a team and find ways to help each other succeed.


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Benefits of City Employment

The City provides the following benefits for active full-time employees:

Health Care

The City of St. George covers 100% of the premiums for the High Deductible health plan for full-time employees and their qualified dependents. The City also offers two Traditional medical plans. Employees have the option to upgrade to one of the City’s Traditional medical plans with a lower deductible by paying a premium for the selected plan. The City also offers voluntary benefits including dental insurance, vision insurance, flexible spending and health savings accounts, and retirement savings plans at the employee’s cost and discretion. Health care coverage begins the first day of employment.


The City fully funds an employee pension plan through Utah Retirement Systems for each active full-time employee.

Paid Time Off

Paid time off (PTO) hours are accrued according to the number of hours paid.  Based on a full 40-hour work week, paid time off is accrued as follows: 2 weeks for years 0 through 3.99, 3 weeks for years 4 through 11.99, and 4 weeks for 12+ years.


The City has 12 paid holidays each year. If unused, holiday time can be used as Paid Time Off.

Sick Leave

The City provides 12 days of sick leave each year. You can accrue sick leave without limit.

Life Insurance

All active full-time employees enrolled in the employer sponsored medical plan are provided with $50,000 worth of life insurance. Spouses and dependents are provided with $5000 and $2500 respectively. Full-time employees are also provided with an AD&D policy for $50,000.

Long Term Disability

All active full-time employees enrolled in the employer sponsored medical plan are provided with LTD insurance benefits.

Educational Assistance Program

The City offers a reimbursement of 75% of the tuition and required student fees, up to $2,000 per fiscal year, for pre-approved courses for full-time employees when the employee meets the eligibility requirements.  Reimbursement will be reduced by any other financial aid that does not have to be repaid, such as the GI Bill, scholarships and grants.

Employee Assistance Program

The City offers an Employee Assistance Program to give full-time employees an additional level of support for personal, financial, and family issues. The Employee Assistance Program is 100% Confidential, offers a 24/7 Crisis Support Line, and there are no limits for sessions with a licensed counselor.

Wellness Program

Free or discounted access to all 4 City Golf Courses,  swimming pools and Recreation Center is available to all full-time employees.

Voluntary Benefits

Short-term disability, supplemental life insurance, and accidental death and dismemberment insurance are available on a voluntary basis to all active full-time employees enrolled in an employer sponsored medical plan.

Competitive Salary Ranges

The City offers competitive salary ranges.

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The City provides the following benefits for active part-time employees:

Wellness Program

Free access to all 4 of the City of St. George Golf Courses, the Recreation Center, the City Pool and the Aquatic Center.