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Lateral Transfers:


Compensation for Utah P.O.S.T. Certification and Experience:

Officers with Utah POST Certification who have 0 - 2 years Law Enforcement field experience will receive a certification compensation of $3,000 dollars and Officers with 3 or more years Law-Enforcement field experience will receive $6,000 dollars; half paid when hired and half paid upon successful completion of field training.

Starting Rank (Police Officer I, II, or III) and Salary based upon experience:

Starting wages are adjusted to reflect years of Law-Enforcement field experience, qualifications, and training, up to 100% of Police Officer Level 3, depending upon qualifications.

Entry level employees can reach 100% of their pay range in 5 years.  Any employee at 100% of their compensation rate can receive merit increases each year thereafter, until they reach 120% of their pay range, at 2% per year.  (see pay Rank / Wage Range Chart)

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Rank Years Experience 80%  Annual   /   Hourly Wage 100% Annual   /   Hourly Wage 120%  Annual   /   Hourly Wage
Police Officer Lvl 1 0 - 2 $41,666   /   $20.03 $52,082   /   $25.04 $62,498   /   $30.05
Police Officer Lvl 2 2 - 5 $48,320   /   $23.23 $60,400   /   $29.04 $72,480   /   $34.85
Police Officer Level 3 3/5 + $50,766   /   $24.41 $63,457   /   $30.51 $76,148   /   $36.61

Already have your certification in Utah, or another State?

If you are currently certified as a Police Officer in the State of Utah, regardless of your level of experience, you can apply for a career with the St. George Police Department by selecting the "Available Police Department Positions" at the bottom of the page. 

If you are certified as a Police Officer in another state, you can still apply for a career with the St. George Police Department.  If selected for a hiring list, or to begin the pre-employment background investigation, you will need to obtain a waiver from Utah Peace Officer Standards and Training.  Once you have obtained a Utah Police Police Officer Certification, we will proceed with the pre-employment hiring processes.

If we aren't currently accepting applications, you will have the option of submitting your information for future contact.  We will notify you when applications are being accepted.

St. George Police Department - Career Options for Certified vs. Non-Certified Applicants:

Haven't obtained a Police Officer Certification yet?

If you are looking to start your career in law-enforcement and have not obtained any certifications yet, the St. George Police Department may provide the opportunity for you to obtain that certification as a full-time employee.  These opportunities are available periodically and typically are open for applications for a brief period of time.  The application and interview process are used to create a hiring list and applicants enter the                 pre-employment process as positions become available.

If we aren't currently accepting applications, you will have the option of submitting your information for future contact.  We will notify you when applications are being accepted.

Motor / Traffic Unit

The Motor Squad, and Traffic Unit, fall within the Special Enforcement Division.  Motor Officers focus on reducing traffic collisions through education and enforcement of traffic laws.  They focus on high traffic areas as well as areas requiring special focus.  Their proactive work reduces collisions in those areas and enhances the safety of motorists and pedestrians.

Officers assigned to the Traffic Unit also receive enhanced training in accident investigation and reconstruction.  If not assigned to a motor, members of the Traffic Unit will work from vehicles.  In addition to proactive patrol and education focusing on traffic issues, they are tasked with investigating traffic collisions. 

Traffic collisions involving serious injuries, potentially fatal and fatal accidents, are investigated by the Accident Reconstruction Team in conjunction with Detectives from the Investigations Division.  

School Resource officer

The Washington County School District and the St. George Police Department have had a long standing relationship, with officers being assigned to specific schools, spanning more than 30 years.  The program is well established and has proven to be beneficial, not only for the District and Police Department but also for the students and their family members.  During the school year, SROs report to duty at their school and typically work during school hours.  They are also responsible for security during on-campus events (basketball games, dances, etc).  When school is not in session, SROs either take time off or report to other Police Divisions for break and/or summer assignments.  Those may include, Traffic/Motors, Bike Patrol, Investigations, or assisting with Patrol Staffing.  The SROs really enjoy their assignment and tend to stay in that role for several years, they find it very fulfilling and challenging.

Police K-9 Officer

The St. George Police Department has three (3) K-9s whose primary focus is on narcotic detection.  Two K-9s are actively assigned to Patrol Schedules and the third is operating with the Washington County Drug Task Force.  We have had a long standing K-9 program dating back several decades.  Our K-9 handlers love their jobs and the bonds they forge with their dogs.  (the officers can't help but enjoy visits from the dogs as well - especially Emma).  

The minimum requirements for application to become a K-9 handler  include:

- Completion of any probation, new hire or performance improvement

- Accrued a minimum of 12 months full-time law enforcement experience (time in field training not included)

Officers selected to be K-9 handlers are sponsored through a POST Certified K-9 handler's course, are provided all materials and supplies needed to house and maintain a K-9 full time, and all medical expenses for the K-9 are covered by the Department.

This is a position that is very rewarding, but is demanding in the level of commitment it takes to train and maintain a K-9 and keep them functioning as a certified K-9.  

Mountain Bike Patrol Division

The Special Enforcement Division is home to the Mountain Bike Patrol.  The weather, terrain, and philosophy of the St. George Police Department and City of St. George are ideal for a full-time, year-round, Bike Patrol Unit.  While all officers watch for 'the little things' which, left unchecked, develop into larger problems, the Bike Patrol is uniquely positioned to identify and address them as their primary focus.  Working Day and Swing Shift, Bike Patrol Officers help coordinate graffiti clean up with other city departments.  Homeless persons coming to St. George are often contacted by Bike Patrol Officers who act as a liaison, referring them to community resource and educating them on local laws and ordinances in an effort to promote voluntary compliance with the various laws.  They aid in the Multi-Unit Crime Free Housing program and are an additional resource for other Police Divisions when the need for their low profile presence is needed.  They do public relations work in the community on a regular basis, but the best public relations shows in the quality of life we enjoy in St. George.

Investigations Division


Sgt. Despain discusses the various components that make up the Investigations Division.  The Division specialized in responding to, and investigating, complex crimes which require additional expertise and skills beyond what other officers have the training, experience, or time to investigate.  

The Division is broken down by specialty and includes detectives specifically trained in Crimes Against Persons, Property Crimes, Drug Task Force, Gang Investigations.  Detectives receive specialized training and are afforded unique opportunities to develop their investigative skills.  Their shifts vary, but are typically day and swing shifts with a rotating on-call week for each detective and supervisor for response to incidents requiring immediate investigation.  This is another challenging, yet rewarding and sought after, assignment in the Department.