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So much more than a paycheck

Learn why S.G.P.D

may be right for you

Call to speak with a recruiter - (435) 627-4301

Strong, and open, support from:

  • Community,
  • City Council, City Manager, and
  • Police Administration

Strong relationships with:

  • Neighboring agencies
  • Prosecutors' offices  and
  • State and Federal agencies

Professional Development and Training:

  • Minimum of 70 hours/year
  • Focus on scenario based/realistic training
  • All training is during regularly scheduled days

Career progression:

  • PO I - PO III, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, Deputy Chief
  • Sergeant eligibility begins at 5 years w/ a degree, 7 without

Opportunity/Diversity of Assignments:

  • Bikes/Motors/K-9    SWAT/Negotiations/EVO Instructor
  • Eligibility = Off probation and 12 Months L.E. field experience

Competitive wages based upon:

  • Years of L.E. service                             (Some credit for Corrections)
  • Lateral transfer wages set as if you had been with SGPD from day 1
  • Shift differential, on-call pay, and special even overtime opportunities 


Already have your Police Officer Certification in another State?

You can apply for a Police Officer I, II, III position and be placed on a hiring list.

You need to contact Utah POST to begin the waiver process to obtain Utah LEO Credentials

Pre-employment screening will initially be pursued, but can't proceed to a job offer until you obtain your Utah LEO

What if I don't have my Police Officer Certification, or Utah doesn't recognize my state's credentials?

or Utah doesn't recognize your POST Certification

Periodically we open a Police Officer Trainee job posting for applicants who do not possess a POST Certification.

The application and interview process are used to create a hiring list and applicants enter the pre-employment process as positions become available.

We will sponsor Trainees through the Utah POST Academy and provide for all uniform, equipment, and travel/training expenses.

Detective Units


Division:  Investigations

Goal: Bring specialized training, skills, and equipment to bear on more complex investigations which result in advocating for crime victims in the most appropriate manner up to and through court processes.

Activities:  Crime scene processing, evidence collection, interview and interrogations, collaborating with allied law-enforcement and support services ranging from private resources to federal agencies.  

The Division is broken down by specialty and includes detectives specifically trained in Crimes Against Persons, Property Crimes, the Drug Task Force, and Gang Investigations.  Their shifts vary, but are typically day and swing shifts with a rotating on-call week for each detective and supervisor for response to incidents requiring immediate investigation.  This is another challenging, yet rewarding and sought after, assignment in the Department.

Mountain Bike Patrol


Division: Special Enforcement Division

Goal:  Impact the quality of life in the City of St. George through activities focused on problem solving and resource management while acting as a liaison between multiple City Departments, private entities, and homeless service coordinators

Activities:  Proactive patrol in parks, on bike trails, around multi-unit housing complexes, and in coordination with community resource centers.  Collaboration with multi-unit crime free housing complexes to provide training and resources and contacting homeless persons coming to St. George as liaison officers, providing referrals to community resources and educating them on local laws and ordinances.

This assignment is the perfect mix of police patrol work, community engagement and interaction, along with the ideal climate and terrain to enjoy from a bicycle.

Police K-9 Officer


Division:  Patrol and Washington County Drug Task Force

Goal:  Provide highly trained K-9s as a resource for other officers to aid in investigations.  

Activities: Proactive patrol while conducting drug/narcotic interdiction activities, respond to requests from other officers to aid in locating concealed drugs/narcotics/contraband, and, for dual purpose dogs, provide enhanced protection and apprehension capabilities for officers faced with violent suspect.

Our K-9 handlers love their jobs and the bonds they forge with their dogs. 

(the officers can't help but enjoy visits from the dogs as well - especially Emma).  

Officers selected to be K-9 handlers are sponsored through a POST Certified K-9 handler's course, are provided all materials and supplies needed to house and maintain a K-9 full time, and all medical expenses for the K-9 are covered by the Department.

This is a position that is very rewarding, but is demanding in the level of commitment it takes to train and maintain a K-9 and keep them functioning as a certified K-9.  

School Resource officer


Division:  Special Enforcement

Goal: Continue the 30+ year relationship between the Washington County School District and St. George Police Department in providing a full-time presence in the schools for security and collaboration between the District and public safety. 

Activities:  Officers investigate any criminal activities taking place on school grounds or at school activities.  They instruct classroom topics, mentor students, some officers coach sports, and are a liaison between the School District and the Police Department.

During summer months, and school breaks, S.R.Os often work special assignments in other units of the Police Department.

Resources:  Marked Units

Many students get to know and respect their SROs and comment, decades later, about the positive impact the SRO had in their life as a role model, mentor, and/or resource.  The SROs really enjoy their assignment and tend to stay in that role for several years, they find it very fulfilling and challenging.

Motor / Traffic Unit


Division:  Special Enforcement

Goal: Reduction of traffic collisions through education and enforcement in high traffic/collision areas.

Activities: Proactive traffic enforcement, accident investigation and accident reconstruction

Resources: ALPR (Uninsured Motorist Enforcement Activities), Marked/Unmarked Police Vehicles, and Kawasaki Police Motorcycles


How to become a certified

Utah Police Officer


If we aren't currently accepting applications, you can submit your name and you will be notified when a job posting opens.